Operating Color Lights on USB

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This project is a remake of an old discolights pod. Original 24V 5W bulbs are changed to 230V 40W with E14 thread. Original driver board has non-typical signal input. This driver is based on the FT245RL chip, a USB-LPT converter – so you can use it with PC applications such as discolitez. Low voltage part is supplied directly from the USB so there is no need to to use any transformer…
Operating Color Lights on USB
Device uses a MOC3041 optotriac and a BT136 triac in a standard application to drive bulbs. Note if you want to use stronger bulbs, like 100W or more, you need to use some little radiators to cool down the triacs. There are 4 channels, 3 are used for bulbs and 4th is used as an extra 230V output – in this case for a mini strobe. You can find 4 goldpins on board, these are a 4 extra output channels – so you can expand device to another optotriacs and triacs to use 4 more 230V devices. To your own safety, use a proper fuse, and remember that device works on a 230V potential. You can use it with 110V devices instead of 230V, no problem. [Link]

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