World's Most Expensive DVD Player by Meridian Audio

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Who doesn't have a DVD player today! I know, everybody has one, but I wonder who will have a DVD Player for $20,000! Yes, you read it right. Meridian Audio Ltd presents to you their exclusive range of DVD Players. The company manufactures the world's most expensive DVD playback machine with prices starting at $19,950.

World's Most Expensive DVD Player by Meridian Audio for $20,000!

I am sure you must be thinking of what will you get in return for $20,000! Robert Stuart, the co-founder of Meridian rephrased the question to 'What do you get for so little?' The Model 800 DVD Player is believed to be the pinnacle in audio and video processing technologies. The player plays video recorded in the American NTSC and European PAL systems and uses proprietary software to decode the audio, complex processing to increase picture resolution and extra buffer memory.

So, if you are the one who have a passion for all the most expensive stuff then this superb high definition DVD Player is just for your HDTV!!!![via]

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