3.3V to 15V Input, ±15V (±12V) Output, Isolated PSU

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[MAXIM APP 5509] This document details the Oceanside (MAXREFDES9#) subsystem reference design, a 3.3V to 15V input, ±15V (±12V) output, isolated power supply. The Oceanside design includes a high-efficiency step-up controller, a 36V H-bridge transformer driver for isolated supplies, a wide input range, and adjustable output low-dropout linear regulator (LDO). Test results and hardware files are included.

3.3V to 15V Input, ±15V (±12V) Output, Isolated Power Supply

Isolated power is required in many applications such as industrial and medical applications. The Oceanside design uses a step-up controller (MAX668), a 36V H-bridge transformer driver (MAX13256), and a pair of LDOs (MAX1659 x2) to create a ±15V (±12V) output isolated power supply from a wide range of input voltages. This general purpose power solution can be used in many different types of isolated power applications, but is mainly targeted for industrial sensors, industrial automation, process control, and medical applications. [Link]

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